Easi-Flow Filler

The Easi-Flow Filler is designed to fill a wide range of liquid products. With its rugged construction, it will provide a long, low maintenance life. The filler features fast, gentle filling, using the patented “Easi-Flow” filling valve for an advanced container filling system. It’s clean in appearance and operation, low in maintenance, offers quick, no-tool changeover. Fill height is obtained using quick-change spacers. Fill tubes can be changed in minutes. The filling process is controlled using a pressure equalization system. The container is raised against the filling head, forming a seal. The head space in the product tank is a low vacuum. When the container is sealed against the filling head, the pressure in the container falls rapidly, to equalize with the tank head space. The filling valve then opens, allowing liquid to flow into the container by gravity. Filling ceases when the liquid level submerges the vent point in the vent tube. The container is then lowered and the fluid valve closes. Any liquid remaining in the vent tube is purged by atmospheric pressure before the next container is raised and the filling process commences again. Low vacuum fluid nozzle design prevents dripping from occurring. Synchro-line compatible, fillers can be linked with various cleaning, capping, corking, plugging, or other closing machines using control helix between machines.

Many additional features are available to meet specific application requirements. For specific applications, Pneumatic Scale Angelus will conduct and demonstrate fill tests in our technical center.

  • No-bottle/no-fill feature
  • Positive container control
  • Quick, easy, no-tool changeover
  • Product tank with precise level regulation
  • Unique “in-motion” fill height adjustment
  • Clean, gentle filling nozzle design
  • Stainless steel barrier guarding with electrically interlocked Lexan access doors
  • Suitable for round and non-round containers
  • Clean-design stainless steel conveyor construction
  • Centralized fill height adjustment


Nominal Machine Dimensions


Number of Heads Available





12, 18, 24, 30, 36

2,300 mm

7' 7"

1,800 mm

5' 11"

2,500 mm

8' 3"


18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48

2,900 mm

9' 7"

2,300 mm

7' 7"

2,500 mm

8' 3"


24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60

4495 mm

14' 9"

3455 mm

11' 4"

2,500 mm

8' 3"