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Pre-Owned/Rebuilt Equipment

Pneumatic Scale Angelus offers the most comprehensive Pre-Owned/Rebuilt Equipment Program in the industry. Our dedicated Aftermarket Value Stream, located in Akron, Ohio, focuses on remanufacturing and upgrading previously-owned PSA equipment. The center offers on-site inventory, a machine shop, and technical expertise to evaluate your packaging requirements. Our experience in handling a wide range of products, combined with our vast product line, will provide you with an unmatched solution of high-quality equipment, while keeping you within your project budget.

Program Features Include:

  • Rebuilding your existing equipment or pre-owned PSA inventory to "like new" condition
  • Completely disassembling and refurbishing every machine according to our strict standards, with genuine PSA parts and components
  • Replacing all obsolete parts
  • Fully certifying every machine, bringing it up to current safety codes, and updating with OEM records
  • Factory testing, executed to customer specifications
  • A 1-Year New Machine Warranty for every refurbished machine

Please contact us for more information and to ask about our exchange and trade-in program!