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Customer Service and Parts

OEM parts and experienced customer service personnel are key to maintaining the integrity and service of our machines. Pneumatic Scale Angelus offers replacement parts for all of our product lines, as well as a dedicated team of professionals who deliver not only a quality product, but also a quality customer experience. Our Akron, Ohio facility includes our machine shop, where we can manufacture virtually any part, at any time, allowing many orders to ship same-day.

How to Order Parts

Please call our Global Headquarters at +1 (800) 992-0491 and ask to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives, or email us at customerservice@psangelus.com.

Don't Know Your Part Number?

  1. If available, check the manual that was provided with your machine.
  2. Check the part itself for our part number, which may be stamped on it.
  3. Contact us with your Machine Model and Serial Number, which we'll need in order to look up your specific machine. We'll also need a description of the part and its intended use and, if possible, a picture of the part for reference.