Pneumatic Scale Angelus serves the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences/Biotech sectors with an array of solutions from packaging equipment to innovative centrifugal separation systems dedicated to drug discovery and manufacturing.

On the packaging side, our filling, closing, and labeling solutions serve the needs of applications from over-the-counter and life-saving medications to infant formula to the ever-expanding nutraceutical segment.

In the Biotech space, our CARR Centritech systems deliver enabling solutions for cell separation and harvesting, with industry-leading single-use systems as well as traditional stainless steel SIP/CIP systems.  These systems comprise a versatile processing portfolio, equally capable of serving emerging markets such as cell and gene therapy as well as more established applications such as antibody therapeutics and traditional vaccines.  Known for high yield and cell viability, our scalable systems are designed to deliver the reliable results you need from early-stage process development through licensure and commercial production.