The Pneumatic Scale Angelus centrifuge machine product line serves the Biotechnology industry with scalable solutions for cell separation and harvesting, utilizing disposable and non-disposable products. This line also has applications with small particle separation in the Chemical industry.

Centrifuge Machines from PSA

Traditional Stainless Steel SIP/CIP Systems
The CARR Powerfuge® and Viafuge® Separation Systems, with separating forces up 20,000 x G, are offered with automatic CIP and SIP to allow for a complete aseptic processing. Optional hazardous duty (Class 1, Div 1) configurations are available.

Single-use Systems
The CARR UniFuge® Separation System meets a significant unmet manufacturing need in the biotech industry as a single-use process centrifuge that eliminates the need for expensive cleaning and sterilization and virtually eliminates the possibility of contamination.

The UniFuge system uses a patented single-use disposable module that allows for easier physical handling and a smaller footprint than competitive filtration systems.  Along with the UFMini® and  the U2k,® the UniFuge family of single-use separation systems offers a fully-scalable solution that allows you to transition seamlessly from benchtop process development to commercial manufacturing with the same low shear execution, delivering the high cell viability and yield your sensitive applications demand.

Our Centritech Cell Separation System were the first single-use centrifuge systems, and were developed for perfusion cell culture processes and cell banking applications as an alternative to costly filtration and adherent cell culture methodologies.  These early innovations formed the foundations of our expertise in low shear/high yield cell handling.

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Single-Use Centrifuge Machines

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SIP/CIP Centrifuge Machines

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