Can Seamer Machines

Pneumatic Scale Angelus is recognized as a global leader in can seaming technology, with a full line of automatic, high performance can seamer machines and can closing machines, specifically designed to meet the canning and seaming equipment needs of food and beverage processors. We provide a wide variety of options to fit the needs and speed of your canning line, including our integrated filling/seaming canning line for craft beverage or smaller volume beverage canning.

Double Seam Solutions

We know that keeping your product fresh for as long as possible requires a hermetically sealed can. Our Angelus seaming experts pioneered the use of the “double seam,” which creates an airtight closure by attaching the can end component to the body of the can. This double seam can be a metal to metal or metal to composite joint formed by mechanically interlocking five layers; three from the can end and two from the can body. These layers are compressed and ironed tightly to form the seal.

Can integrity is most vulnerable at the double seam, and preventing leakage is critical. Leaking seams can increase the risk of botulism and other food poisoning. Shelf stability is also a critical consideration – for example, for a craft brewer, the beverage can seamer must be able to minimize or eliminate dissolved oxygen (DO) pickup which rapidly degrades product quality.

Expert Service and Support

Pneumatic Scale Angelus provides ongoing customer service, technical service, engineering support, spare parts, and training for all of our can seamer machines. Whether you’ve worked with can seamer machines for decades or you’re brand new to the process, our dedicated sales team and customer service representatives can help with any questions you may have about our seaming equipment. You can reach us at

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