Milk and dairy-based products are an essential element of daily life and, globally, the trend is on the rise. Dairy products rely on a reputation of purity, and your demanding consumers expect the highest level of quality, safety, and freshness. Our dairy packaging equipment is designed to meet the strict efficiency and hygiene standards the dairy market demands for products from milk to drinkable yogurt to non-dairy alternatives, and more.

With a long history of dairy packaging expertise, Pneumatic Scale Angelus offers bottling solutions for a wide variety of low-acid and spoilage-sensitive products, and the capability to support a wide range of package formats, materials, and specifications. Our state-of-the-art dairy packaging machines are designed to meet certified hygienic standards and optimized efficiencies, ensuring reliable production of high-quality beverages with minimum downtime to burden valuable personnel time and resources.

Our Hygienic, Clean or Ultra-Clean technologies meet the demands of the short or Extended Shelf Life (ESL) dairy sectors. And as the Dairy beverage market continues to evolve and consumer preferences change, our dairy packaging equipment solutions enable production of dairy alternative products as well.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus Dairy Packaging Machines

Specializing in flexibility, our dairy packaging equipment can fill from thin to thick, particulated or non-particulated, and high to low product acidity levels. Our filling and capping systems can be standalone, synchronized with bottle cleaning carousels, or integrated in complete dairy filling lines for a turnkey solution.

Learn more about our dairy packaging equipment below, or contact the Pneumatic Scale Angelus team to talk about your specific application.