For nearly 125 years, the Pneumatic Scale name has been synonymous with innovative filling and capping machines, capable of handling the most complex packaging needs.


Founded in 1895 in Quincy, MA, Pneumatic Scale Corporation was born when retail merchant William H. Doble realized a device he had developed for sealing and weighing dried currants could be applied to other products. Originally the Electric Scale Company, the firm was renamed to Pneumatic Scale Corporation upon switching technologies from electricity to compressed air. Originally handling only dry goods, the purchase of the Standard Automatic Machine Company led to patents in bottle filling and capping. As early as 1922, Pneumatic Scale Corporation had offices in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo.  (Credit to the Thomas Crane Library for historical references.)

Meanwhile, in 1910, the Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Company was founded in Los Angeles, CA by inventor Henry L. Guenther, who designed and patented machinery for producing double seams on cans. It was his vision to build a company that would produce the finest machines of its kind, anywhere in the world. His legacy lives on today as the Angelus name is considered the gold standard for seaming.

In 1989, Barry-Wehmiller purchased Pneumatic Scale Corporation and the company's headquarters moved to its current location in Stow, Ohio. By 2007, the company had also acquired the Angelus Sanitary Can Company, bringing together the powerhouse bottling equipment and canning equipment manufacturers to form Pneumatic Scale Angelus.

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