Craft Beverage Integrated Canning Line Equipment

If you make craft beverages, the pride you take in brewing them is serious business. And most likely, you'd like as much control over getting your product into the hands of your customers as you have in crafting it in the first place. That's why choosing the right canning line is one of the most critical decisions you can make.

With more than 130 years of experience, through more than 16,000 canning line installations in 132 countries, we at Pneumatic Scale Angelus are as serious about canning technology as you are about creating your very best product. So, when it’s time to decide on a beer canning machine that lives up to those high standards, rely on our expertise to deliver a line that helps you showcase the quality of your product.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Speed

With the Pneumatic Scale Angelus CB50 and CB100 inline craft beverage canners, proprietary flowmeter technology helps you get a perfect fill with little waste at speeds of up to 100 cans per minute (CPM). Our gas flush systems help you keep oxygen levels under control. And our high-speed seamer design, scaled for single head operation, delivers the only repeatable hermetic double seam in the beverage industry. Now that's a serious solution!

Our CB50C leverages the CB50 design, but transitions from open air to counter-pressure filling technology to meet the growing demand for hard seltzers, sparkling wines, and higher-carbonation beers. The CB50C canning line uses true isobarometric filling technology, with the fill tank above the fill heads, allowing your product to be gravity-fed, as opposed to pumped/forced upward. This means true counter pressure filling, allowing you to expand into new and rapidly-growing markets.

Our CB244/324/404 rotary beer canning machines take things up a notch. With 24, 32, or 40 electro-mechanically controlled filling heads that ensure fill level accuracy to within +/- 0.5 grams of target volume, and 4 seaming heads that offer that same industry-leading seal as our slower speed machines, these systems allow you to increase your overall production without drastically increasing your overall footprint. So when your product is in serious demand, you can deliver with confidence.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus Canning Lines

Pneumatic Scale Angelus designs and manufactures industry-leading canning lines and beverage fillers for the craft beverage industry.  Learn more about our can filling machines and how they can fit into your operation below, or give us a shout to talk about how we can help you design the custom craft beverage line to fit your unique brewing needs.

Inline Volumetric Canning Lines
Our fully integrated filler and seamer machines allow you to take control of your own can filling operations.  Running at speeds from 15 to 100 CPM, our inline beer canning machines are suited to small batch production and frequent changeover.

Rotary Volumetric Canning Systems
Our line of rotary craft beverage canners serve an expanding segment of brewers who are ready for the higher speeds of a rotary system.  These rotary can filling lines can reach speeds up to 250 CPM, so you can expand your overall production, but still keep the flexibility your craft beverage line requires.

Inline Volumetric

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Rotary Volumetric

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