Craft Beverage Integrated Canning Line Equipment

For more than 130 years, Pneumatic Scale Angelus has leveraged our expertise in high-speed canning to innovate in the design and development of filling and seaming solutions.  But innovation doesn't stop there...  We've taken that high-speed expertise and scaled our designs to meet the unique needs of craft brewers -- smaller production runs, slower speeds, and frequent changeover -- so that you can innovate too, whether it's through filling multiple can formats on the same machine, or by expanding your portfolio from craft beer to canned wine, spirit-based RTDs, seltzers, or ciders. 

What Do You Want to Achieve?

When you're canning, you likely want to preserve quality and taste, maximize your product stability and extend its shelf life, and protect your most valuable asset: your brand reputation.  That means you need a filling machine that enables you to:

- Customize production parameters to your unique product specifications
- Ensure proper hygiene to avoid product contamination
- Achieve consistent fill volumes and minimize product loss
- Limit Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels
- Maintain consistent carbonation levels
- Achieve desired throughput
- Deliver your freshest craft beverage to your customers

State-of-the-Art Technology and Speed

With our open-air systems, the CB50F and CB100F, magnetic flowmeter technology ensures a perfect fill with minimal waste, at up to 100 cans per minute (CPM). Our gas flush systems keep dissolved oxygen levels under control, and our high-speed seamer design, scaled for single head operation, delivers the only repeatable hermetic double seam in the industry, extending the critical shelf life of your product.

Our CB50C leverages the CB50F design, but makes the transition from open-air to counter-pressure filling technology to meet the growing demand for hard seltzers, RTD cocktails, sparkling wines, and higher-carbonation beers. The CB50C canning line uses true isobarometric filling technology, with the fill tank above the fill heads, allowing your product to be gravity-fed, as opposed to pumped/forced upward. This means true counter-pressure filling, allowing you to expand into new and rapidly-growing markets.

Taking that a step further, our CBR family of full rotary systems brings rotary counter-pressure filling together with rotary Angelus seaming in a compact footprint, operating at up to 150 CPM.  This full rotary design allows for faster speeds and a smooth, continuous motion transition from filling to seaming, eliminating unnecessary agitation and the unwanted reductions in carbonation levels that are seen with other filling methods.  Cans are purged of oxygen prior to filling, with configurable purge and snift times to control foaming.  Under Cover Gassing (UCG) at the turret lid feed and a bubble breaker positioned ahead of the Angelus seamer serve to keep DO levels to an industry-leading minimum.  The CBR family is currently available in two configurations: a 12-head filler paired with a 3-spindle seamer (12/3) or a 16-head filler coupled with a 4-spindle seamer (16/4).

Finally, our CB244/324/404 rotary beer canning machines take things up a notch. With 24, 32, or 40 electro-mechanically controlled filling heads that ensure fill level accuracy to within +/- 0.5 grams of target volume, and 4 seaming heads that offer that same industry-leading seal as our slower speed machines, these systems allow you to increase your overall production without drastically increasing your overall footprint. So when your product is in serious demand, you can deliver with confidence.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus Canning Lines

Investing in a canning line is a major decision for your operations, and choosing a partner who will help you grow is critical.  Learn more about our scalable machine portfolio and how we can deliver a system that meets your unique needs, or give us a shout to talk about how we can help you design the perfect craft beverage line to support your growing business.
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