PC Cappers

Pneumatic Scale Angelus’ Pump Cappers are ideal for all applications using hand pumps and finger pumps. These cappers offer the flexibility to convert between pump capping, screw capping, and plugging for greater versatility, line efficiency, and cost savings.

By offering a range of anti-rotation mechanisms, the Pump Capper is well suited for a broad range of container styles. Customized turret pockets control non-round containers, while a gripper belt or clamp table can be added to hold round containers. Because the machine holds each container securely until capped, spilling, slipping, scuffing and crushing are eliminated. Caps are transferred to the capping chuck via a cap disk, and an optional inspection/rejection system isolates containers with missing pumps or straws, or high or incorrectly-oriented pumps.

Eliminating container slippage guarantees accurate torque control. The Pump Capper maintains positive straw control during insertion via a cam-operated stem guide. Once inserted, the Pump Capper fully tightens the pump to a pre-set torque, eliminating the need for a retorquer. The PC Capper holds each cap securely during torque application, eliminating scratching.

With color-coded change parts, operators can complete tool-free changeovers for varying containers and caps in less than 15 minutes.  Motorized turret height adjustment and mechanical position indicators further facilitate this rapid changeover.

  • All-mechanical, sanitary stainless steel design
  • Suited for round and non-round containers, in a range of glass, metal, plastic, and fiberboard
  • Flexibility to convert between pump capping, screw capping and plugging
  • Accurate torque control with PSA’s Magnetic Torque Units
  • Mechanical stem guide system to ensure proper pump cap orientation and placement
  • No bottle/no pump feature
  • Quick, tool-free changeover, using the Zepf MARK II® Change Part System
Model Number Normal Operating Speed (CPM) Maximum Pump Size Straw Diameter Range Straw Length Range Maximum Container Diameter with Clamps Maximum Container Diameter with Grip Belt Capping Heads Bottle Pitch
PC-450-6 30-120 43 mm .08"-.375" 2"-9.5" 5.00" 6.88" 6 9.27
PC-450-8 40-160 43 mm .08"-.375" 2"-9.5" 4.00” 6.25” 8 6.95”
PC-600-10 50-200 43 mm .08"-.375" 2"-9.5" 4.00” 6.79” 10 7.42”
PC-600-12 60-240 43 mm .08"-.375" 2"-9.5" 3.38” 5.61” 12 6.18”