Change Part Carts

A-Frame and H-Frame Change Part Carts

A-Frame Dimensions

  • 6’ cart= 35”W x 71”L x 54”H
  • 8’ cart= 35”W x 75”L x 54”H
  • 10’ cart= 35”W x 119”L x 54”H
  • *Custom sizes available

H-Frame Dimensions

  • 50”L x 32”W x 68”H


  • Ideal for 5s applications
  • Part profile identification & name engraving
  • HDPE Laminated plastic creates a contrast between engraving & the board
  • Portable with Stainless Steel Frame
  • 6” diameter casters, 2 fixed, 2 swivel with brake


  • Company logo
  • Cart Cover (Fabric)
  • Handle to push cart around
  • Additional storage solutions (bins, drawers, shelves)
  • Cart floor, for additional part storage
  • Car bumpers
  • Internal feed screw holder, allows for a clean & safe storage of the feedscrew
  • Quick change removable ID plaques
  • Clear polycarbonate enclosure with hinged doors (H-Frame)
  • Work bench (H-Frame)