OnTrack Wet Case Detector

The Wet Case Detector is a quality control unit that increases line productivity and reduces customer complaints. A series of spring-loaded probes positioned between the rollers on the case conveyor measure conductivity of all cases on the line. When the probes come into contact with a wet case, they detect increased conductivity and send a signal to the controls.

  • Case Rejection – An output signal activates an automatic case rejection system-and alarm light, audio alarm, or both. The output signal can also tie into an existing Master Control Interface for data collection.
  • Adjustable Threshold – Sensitivity of the conductivity sensor is fully adjustable to suit the case and product.
  • No Changeover – No change parts are required. The probes are designed to span the width of the case conveyor to detect wide and narrow cases.
  • Easy Installation – The unit requires a 120 volt power supply, and conductivity probes are 24 volt. The probe assembly is easily bolted to the underside of the existing conveyor.