PSA Quatro Sensi Filler

The ultra-clean Quatro Sensi™ is a milk and liquid dairy bottling system, designed to preserve product quality and freshness with innovative control technology and hygienic design. This machine is available in a monoblock configuration with capper or thermosealer; it can also be attached to a neck trimmer or rinser. Combi configuration associates blowing, filling, and capping for PET bottles. The Quatro Sensi filler is available in two configurations: Net Weigh or Flow Meter/Mass Flow.

At the Heart of Sensitive Products

Your filling method should be carefully chosen to match the intrinsic characteristics of your dairy product: its type (e.g., liquid, thick, with or without particulates), what needs to be protected (e.g., flavor, vitamins, color), its shelf-life (short or long), its sensitivity to external elements (temperature, oxygen). This is a complex equation between relative acidity (pH), the presence of nutrients, presence of O2, sugar content, preserving agents, artificial colorings, stabilizers, etc., all of which have an impact on the conservation and bacteriological quality of your dairy product.

Our deep understanding of your product specifications relating to filling has led us to put in place 4 environmental filling families. These mainly depend on the product (level of acidity), the distribution circuit (cold chain or room temperature) and the expected shelf life of the product, and we define them as Classic, Select, ESL 1 or ESL2. They are categorized by the combination of the following two criteria:

  • Internal levels of cleaning and sanitation of your product circuits
  • External levels of aeraulic protection for the filling and capping group, to guarantee production conditions that meet your products’ specifications

For example, fresh milk distributed through the cold chain can be filled by the Classic or Select process and does not require container treatment, whereas ESL dairy products require clean or ultra-clean treatment, including decontamination of the bottle and cap. Air-filtering through a Hepa filter is provided, thanks to an air overpressure system including adjustable hygrometry and temperature control.

Our fillers meet the highest hygiene standards. They are 3A certified and we are a member of EHEDG.

Net Weigh Filling Benefits

By individually controlling the net weight of a dairy product, every bottle that enters and exits the filling machine is checked. The micro-processor in the electronic load cell pilots the filling according to the weight of the bottle. This machine is equipped with a DVS series stainless steel weight detector, which is the only electronically integrated EHEDG-certified detector. Its sturdy design meets several norm requirements, including IP69K.

For drinkable yogurt and other dairy acidic products, the Essential filling valve (We) meets the highest hygiene requirements. For more sensitive applications, Quatro Sensi is equipped with the Magnetic filling valve (Wg). This valve guarantees leak-proof protection between the product circuit and the environment, without using a membrane or rod.

Flow Meter Filling Benefits

The mass-flow filler is equipped with the latest checking technology and delivers clean dairy product filling. The environment is hygienic, and the filling is precise, while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

  • Unrivaled filling accuracy, based on filling regulator speed, set at low or high, according to the format of the bottle, the bottle-neck space, and the temperature and type of product. Thanks to specially adapted nozzles, containers are filled without drips or frothing ensuring a standard deviation of less than 0.5 grams for 1 liter.
  • Dairy filling flexibility - our patented double flap valve makes it possible to fill volumes from 80 ml to 5 liters at optimal speeds, without changing nozzles.
  • Environment and accessibility – the sloped stainless steel filler frame makes the Quatro Sensi easy to clean (no adhesive areas), and its wide doors allow easy access to the entire machine. An angular collecting trough collects the product at the end of production. Cleaning of the product circuit is done in a closed circuit.
  • The capping turret, in a clean and ultra clean configuration, meets Classic, Select, and ESL-level hygiene requirements.
  • Quick tool changeovers – color-coded tools, specific to each bottle format are available on the filling and capping turrets, making tool identification easy. Without the need for special tools, the rapid fixing and indexing systems make it easy for the operator to set up. This means that time required for tool changeovers is minimized.
  • Productivity optimization – the Quatro Sensi is equipped with a smaller hopper and remote nozzles, ensuring minimal product loss between recipe changes.

Optional Features

  • 3-A and ehedg authorization
  • Automatic container rejection device with supplementary conveyor
  • Dedicated CIP skid system available
  • Automatic cleaning setup
  • Temperature probe and alarm
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Pressurized tank for yield maximization and CIP fluids flow
  • Aseptic blanket of product during production
  • Exterior sanitization system for cleaning inside filler cabin
  • Steam sterilization up to 250 degrees F
  • Bottle and cap treatments
  • Pulsed light
  • Peracetic acid-based sanitization; Hydrogen peroxide available
  • Ionized air and vacuum
  • Laminar flow, HEPA machine enclosure
  • ESL options available