Mateer 6000 Rotary Auger Filler

The Mateer 6000 rotary auger filler is engineered to meet the most stringent requirements of your job needs today, and the flexibility to support your future growth.  This continuous motion machine provides faster production speeds, precise fills and simple maintenance. The Mateer 6000 is able to fill virtually any powdered or granular product at speeds up to 440 CPM.

This sophisticated dry-product filling machine's capabilities encompass precision fills of free-flowing powders and granules (e.g., spices, infant formula and detergents), and non-free-flowing powders (e.g., cake mixes, ground spices).  The product is fed into a multi-station rotating turret, then deposited into interchangeable receiving funnels. A dust-free filling environment is maintained as containers are filled to a specific volume.  The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) provide easy input, self-diagnostics, and access to data that can guide your productivity.  Programming is included in the installation of any Mateer filling machine.

Contact us today to speak with one of our Mateer experts about setting up a complimentary product evaluation in our Fill Test Lab at our Clearwater, FL facility.
  • Food-grade stainless-steel receiving funnels stand up to continuous use at high temperatures, alkalis, acids, and salt
  • Auger drive shaft, common to all auger sizes
  • Quick, easy changeover of container handling parts maximizes production time
  • Self-locking bayonet auger shaft connects outside of the product hopper for greater safety and ease of adjustment.  This separation prevents workers from placing their hands and tools inside the hopper, reducing the possibility of product contamination and increasing operator safety.
  • Automatic and jog control switches enhance efficiency in filling line operations
  • 22” diameter (559 mm), 16 gallon (60 liter) capacity stainless steel hopper
  • Positive container control via UHMW dual main starwheels and container guides
  • Color-coded “no tool” change parts provide quick changeovers
  • PSA's OEM parts provide longer, more durable machine life

Standard Features - Adjustable to meet the specific needs of any job

  • 11’ (3.3 m) stainless-steel conveyor with adjustable stainless steel guide rails and Delrin table top chain
  • NEMA 12 dust-proof control enclosure protects the internal workings against dust, dirt, oil, even corrosive liquids
  • Dust-proof hopper cover ensures that pests, dirt or dust can't contaminate the product, while the interlocking inspection port allows operators to safely and easily check hopper contents.  This feature also provides a 7” (178 mm) diameter infeed duct
  • Polycarbonate safety guards, with 4 electrically interlocked/hinged access doors combine access and safety by shutting down the unit when a door is opened
  • Mechanical jack raises fill head(s) and turret to make adjusting to containers of different heights easy and fast
  • Turret can be stopped in cases of container jam or downstream backups, reducing product loss and downtime
  • Raised conveyor for ease of cleaning
  • Bottom rail vibration stations and turret vibration help product flow freely into container
  • Color-coded container handling parts ensure quick changes
  • Easily track CPM and other critical data on HMI

Optional Features

  • Custom molded “Z” style container seals create a "bellows gasket" between the stationary transfer funnel and the moving container, preventing loss of product or blowing dust
  • Removable, segmented turret with funnels allows for removal of sections of turret, minimizing downtime during cleaning and changeovers
  • Additional filling heads and configurations of up to 6 augers allow you to grow your filling line capabilities as needed
  • Infeed conveyor sensors ensure containers are present for filling
  • Back up sensor on the discharge conveyor to monitor out going container flow
  • Discharge checkweigher provides a final check on the weight of each container and sends data back to the filler so that adjustments can be made
  • Based on the analysis of your product, the Mateer 6000 can be fitted with any of several options for high frequency funnel carrier vibration to improve product flow
  • PLC-based reject system provides a triple-check to your product's final downstream accuracy.  Containers are checkweighed, feedback is sent to the PLC to correct the fill, and any containers outside the weight specification are rejected.  This is also available without the ability to reject containers, or with just the checkweigh component.
  • Adjustable bottom rail makes operations more efficient and changeovers faster
  • Adjustable product discharge height allows both the turret and auger heights to be automatically adjusted when changing containers
  • Speed: up to 440 CPM, depending on product, volume, displayed on HMI
  • Dual Head Drive Unit: 22” (559 mm) diameter special twin stainless steel hoppers with heavy duty wall thickness and sanitary finish; Type 304 stainless steel.  (Unit can be single or dual head.)
  • Drive Unit Horsepower: 0-1800 RPM AC variable speed auger drive motor for each head with timing belt drive for precise auger speed control. ¾ HP, 0- 39 RPM AC variable speed gearhead agitation.
  • Clutch/Brake Assembly: Electromagnetic with large sealed thrust and radial bearings for longer life.
  • Power: 230 or 460 VAC, 3 phase, 60 hertz
  • Machine and Conveyor Assembly: Zepf Mark II Not Tool Change Parts. Color-coding available. 1 HP, 0-1800 RPM AC variable speed turret drive gear motor. 10’ stainless steel shell design conveyor. 36” (+/-2”) high, 3-1/4” wide 820LF Delrin (4-1/2” available at no extra charge). Valu-Guide conveyor components with up to 2 guide rails.
  • Documentation: Digital Documentation, including electrical drawing package, copy of PLC and HMI software, assembly drawings and bill of materials in English language.