Our Mateer Filling Machines

The Mateer filling machine can take on any powdered application (free flowing or non free flowing) to include Food, Chemical, House Hold Products, and Agricultural industries.

Typical applications include powdered spices and baby formula.


Evolution of the Mateer-Burt product lines followed this path:

1894 – The Burt Machine Company founded
1948 – G. Diehl Mateer Company founded
1969 – Berwind Corp purchase G.D. Mateer
1971 – G.D. Mateer purchases Bursa (CVF) from Milton Roy
1971 – Berwind purchases Burt Machine Co.
1973/1974 – G.D. Mateer and Burt Machine unite operations in Wayne, PA forming Mateer-Burt Co.
1984 – Philadelphia First Group, and management purchases Mateer-Burt Co., which is renamed Mateer-Burt Inc..
1987 – GEI, United Kingdom purchases Mateer-Burt Inc.
2001 – GEI Int’l - Management regroups as GEI
2002 – Pneumatic Scale / Barry-Wehmiller purchases Mateer-Burt assets.

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