Our Mateer Filling Machines

The Mateer filling machine can take on any powdered application to include Food, Chemical, House Hold & Personal Care Products, Pharmaceuticals and Agricultural industries.

Typical applications for PSA's Mateer line include:

  • Free-flowing powders and granules, such as spices, infant formula,
    and detergents

  • Non-free-flowing powders, such as cake mixes, ground spices

  • Creams, pastes and slurries, for example cosmetic creams, peanut butter, spackling paste

These machines are capable of handling a wide range of product viscosities and consistencies.  Mateer covers both electronic and mechanical fillers, in semi-automatic and automatic linear or rotary configurations.


Evolution of the Mateer-Burt product lines followed this path:

1894 – The Burt Machine Company founded
1948 – G. Diehl Mateer Company founded
1969 – Berwind Corp purchase G.D. Mateer
1971 – G.D. Mateer purchases Bursa (CVF) from Milton Roy
1971 – Berwind purchases Burt Machine Co.
1973/1974 – G.D. Mateer and Burt Machine unite operations in Wayne, PA forming Mateer-Burt Co.
1984 – Philadelphia First Group, and management purchases Mateer-Burt Co., which is renamed Mateer-Burt Inc..
1987 – GEI, United Kingdom purchases Mateer-Burt Inc.
2001 – GEI Int’l - Management regroups as GEI
2002 – Pneumatic Scale / Barry-Wehmiller purchases Mateer-Burt assets.

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