Mateer 1900BMLX Semi-Automatic Filler

The Mateer 1900BMLX filler is a leader in electric clutch brake equipment, useful for applications ranging from the hand-filling of containers and pre-made bags, to vertical Form/Fill/Seal machines.  Mateer 1900 fillers accurately fill a wide variety of products, including free-flow powders and granules and non-free-flow powders, liquids, creams, pastes, and slurries.  This model has a heavy duty motor for applications where higher torque is needed, such as concrete mix and other very heavy duty product.  Made from a one-piece casting with pressed bearings, the 1900BMLX filler head uses a heavy duty design that is more durable than a formed head.

Our Mateer dry fillers are engineered for an expected service life of 25 years and we proudly still supply parts for active clutch brake filling machines installed more than 60 years ago. 

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  • This electric clutch brake-controlled auger is easy to diagnose, service, and maintain.
  • PSA modifies the standard Warner EM 180 Clutch/Brake with our own housing and a heavier duty bearing to accept higher torque shaft loads.
  • Industry standard PLC and HMI controls, readily supportable by PSA's Customer Support team or local Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) suppliers.  Programming is included in the installation of any Mateer filling machine.
  • Tool-free product changeover can be done in as little as 10 minutes,* minimizing equipment downtime.
  • Auger-height adjustment is outside of the product area and can be accomplished in seconds without disruption production.  This separation prevents workers from placing their hands inside the hopper, reducing the possibility of product contamination and increasing operator safety.

* With a second set of change parts.
  • 8-12 CPM
  • Speed: up to 100 Cycles/Minute
  • 2 HP Auger
  • 3/4 HP Slow Speed Agitator
  • Hopper: 16 Gallon, (60 liter) 2.1 cu.ft. Capacity
  • Motor: 230/380/460 volt, 3 phase, 50/60 hertz