Hema Under Vacuum or Atmospheric Can Seamer: Hema Canseam

The Hema Canseam is ideal for use with shaped and round cans in meat, pate, fish, and pre-prepared food applications.  Available in vacuum or atmospheric configurations, the Canseam is rated for speeds of 80 to 150 CPM (4800 to 9000 cans per hour). 

When synchronized with the Hema Canfill, this seamer is the ideal solution for your meat canning lines

  • Versatile seamer for shaped or round cans
  • Vacuum seaming to maintain freshness and optimal appearance of the product
  • High-speed clinching with vertical movement chuck
  • Lid distributor equipped with a scroll separator, operating from dispenser
  • No can/no lid unit
  • Continuous motion conveyor and placing of clinched cans into a transfer starwheel
  • Seaming head mounted on an articulated arm, providing full accessibility
  • Seaming profile quality ensured by cam and counter cam
  • Compression pad, driven by a double track cam
  • Stainless steel design with robust mechanical parts running in oil bath
  • Quick changeover – complete tool changeover can be completed in less than 4 hours for round or shaped tins
Number of Seaming Heads 1
Can Diagonal 45-170 mm
Can Diameter 45-155 mm
Can Height 20-250 mm
(Please contact us if you have a greater height requirement)
Speed 80-150 CPM