Hema Volufill Rotary Filler

The Hema Volufill volumetric filler is ideal for use with PET, HDPE, glass bottles or jars, and metal cans. Its valves and nozzles are specifically designed to the specific product and container requirements, ensuring perfect filling and cleanliness. With this filling machine, you have the choice of cylindrical valves for semi-liquid products, or conical valves for fluid products.

The Volufill filler is a flexible machine, known for its reliability for sauces, dressing, jams, honey, soups, baby food, condensed or evaporated milk, and many other applications. This machine is available in standalone or monoblock configurations with a capper or thermosealer. It can also be paired with a neck trimmer or rinser.

  • Robust Construction - A reliable machine, with proven performance.
  • Mechanical Driving - Allows for filling of high viscous products and cutting of pieces
  • Production flexibility - The Hema Volufill filler can be used for a wide variety of hot and cold products, in plastic jars, glass jars, or metal cans. Recipes can be changed directly from the control panel
  • Filling accuracy - Guaranteed standard deviation for homogeneous products of < 1 g per 1000 ml and < 0.8 g per 500 ml; for products containing chunks of particulate, the standard deviation is < 2 g per 1000 ml and 1.5 g per 500 ml. (Note: standard deviation may vary according to chunk sizes.)
  • Tool changeover - Color-coded changeover tools specific to each bottle format are available on the filling and capping turrets. Without the need for special tools, the time required for changeover is minimized.
  • Easy cleaning - The Hema Volufill offers a sanitary and cleanable conical valve design option, with automatic extraction of conical valves for CIP.
  • Ergonomic and flexible - Large doors for easy operation, format changes, and maintenance.



Number of Filling Heads

6 to 72

Number of Capping Heads

3 to 22


25 ml to 1.2 liters


3600 to 60,000 BPH