CB50C Counter-Pressure Integrated Canning Line

To meet growing demand for hard seltzers, sparkling wines, and higher-carbonation beers, you need a counter pressure canning line.  Part of our CB Series of integrated fillers/seamers, the CB50C provides canning line technology, designed specifically for and scaled to the needs of craft beverage packaging.

  • Six individual filling heads, utilizing isobarometric counter-pressure technology and proprietary magnetic flow meter technology, capable of 1 mL precision
  • Integrated inline filler with single head can seamer, rated for continuous operation at speeds up to 50 CPM
  • Filler designed with quick-change adjustments for easy changeover for various can height/body diameters.
  • Optimized for 204.5 Sleek and 211 Standard can bodies
  • Suitable for 200 to 204 can ends, with no valve change required
  • Simple HMI input for individual fill head volume adjustments
  • Under Cover Gassing (UCG) at lid applicator chute
  • Cam-operated Can Holding Chuck (CHC) / lower lifter with adjustable CHC spring
  • Hardened tool steel seaming cam for long life
  • Stainless steel product area and base assembly
  • Compact footprint

Seaming Features

  • Seaming cam optimized for beverage applications
  • Seaming cam easily removed/replaced for possible future changes in material, can size and/or seaming specifications
  • Seaming levers designed with the specific material and dimensions, allowing torsional windup for superior double seam formation
  • Quick change levers for repeatable changeovers
  • Tooling adjustments maintained between changeovers
  • Can rinser assembly with air dry

Tooling Features

  • Angelus V-Series seaming tooling design and technology
  • Titanium Nitride-coated Angelloy® seaming rolls with ceramic bearings
  • Individual Zerk fittings for manual lubrication of seaming rolls
  • Protective flange to prevent damage from maladjustments
  • Sealed for Life (SFL) seaming rolls available

Filling Features

  • Leverages the same counter-pressure filling technology as in high-speed beverage lines, but scaled for the needs of craft beverage
  • Isobarometric filling, with the fill tank above the fill heads, allowing product to be gravity-fed, as opposed to pumped/forced upward
  • Accurate and repeatable fill level metering using magnetic flow meter technology, with no moving parts
  • Fill cycle parameters adjustable through the HMI
  • Sanitary 316 stainless steel, standard for product contact
  • Up to 5 volume (10g/l) CO2 carbonation levels
  • Sanitary/hygienic product supply piping and connections
  • Automated Clean in Place (CIP) capable, up to 180 degree temperature rating

Available Options and Accessories

  • Product supply pump with controls
  • CIP discharge/return pump with controls
  • Product supply insulation
  • Service kits per fill valve and per CB50C