CARR® Centritech Separation Systems: CARR Viafuge® Pilot

Pneumatic Scale Angelus'  unique CARR Viafuge Pilot is designed for fast, gentle, small- to medium-scale cell harvesting and supernatant recovery. Capable of separating a wide variety of mammalian and insect cells with little to no damage, the Viafuge Pilot offers intact cell recovery efficiencies in excess of 99%, with non-detectable cell concentrations in clarified supernatant.

Simple Operation

Cells are concentrated at the bowl wall while clarified supernatant is continuously discharged throughout the separation process. Once the bowl fills with cell concentrate to a capacity of 1.3 L, a simple manifold system and concentrate pump is used to recover the cells without breaking containment. Subsequent cycles are performed for recovery of larger batch sizes.

Improved Product Processing

Cellular damage can result in release of intracellular material such as DNA, which may increase downstream processing and, in some cases, impact product purity. Because the Viafuge Pilot is gentle to cells, damage is minimized from the start of the process. For supernatant recovery applications, filtration requirements downstream may be reduced. For cell harvesting applications, intact cell recovery will be increased.

Low-Shear Design

The Viafuge Pilot’s unique design minimizes shear forces on cells. Incoming feed is matched to the bowl hub’s rotational velocity, allowing fast, efficient harvesting of even the most shear-sensitive cells without causing cell damage.

Flexible Optimization

Flexible operating conditions offer optimization for specific applications with a flow rate range of 0.1-4.0 L/min and a relative centrifugal force range of 500-10,000g.  For mammalian cell culture, concentration to 2.5 <--> 107 cells/ml can be achieved.

  • Gentle cell harvesting and supernatant recovery
  • Simple operation
  • Improved product processing
  • ASME Rated Designs available
  • Low-shear design
  • Flexible optimization
  • SIP Optional