CARR® Centritech Separation Systems: CARR Powerfuge® Pilot

There’s a point in discovery when you need efficient, high-volume product throughput, and dealing with bottles would impede productivity. This is when you need the CARR Powerfuge Pilot from Pneumatic Scale Angelus, the high-productivity, batch liquid/solid separation system for bacteria, yeast, proteins and sub-micron particles with simple cleaning. The Powerfuge Pilot’s design helps reduce the time required for maintenance, particularly since there are few parts to replace. And when you’re at the end of a run, compressed solids are easily removed with minimal time and effort, using a hand scraper contoured to fit the 1L capacity bowl.

Time Saving Operation

Fast processing, at a rate of up to 1L per minute, means that you can accomplish more runs in a single day, which is especially useful for larger batch sizes. And because the Powerfuge Pilot eliminates the need for bottles, you can set up runs in less time, with fewer manipulations.

Variable Speed For Your Choice of Separating Power

The Powerfuge Pilot is equipped with a variable-speed drive.  You can select flow rates of up to 60 L/hr and RCF to 20,000 g, providing the operational control necessary to optimize your process.

Fully Transportable

The Powerfuge Pilot can be easily moved from one site to another, since there are no special or lengthy installation requirements like bolt-down. In addition, the system is compact when compared to other products of similar capacities, which helps conserve valuable bench space while giving you more freedom to position the unit in the best possible location.

A Wide Choice of Temperatures

An integral cooling jacket helps maintain product temperatures from 2º C - 40º C. The jacket itself can withstand flow rates as high as 2L/minute and internal cooling temperatures as low as -10º C in order to provide the desired net process temperature.

  • Complete liquid/solid separations
  • Simple operation
  • Processing at a rate of up to 1L per minute
  • Drier solids, clearer centrates
  • Variable speeds up to 20,000 x g
  • Fully scalable to larger automated P6,
  • P12& P18 models
  • Hazardous Duty and CE version available