CARR® Centritech Separation Systems: CARR Centritech LAB III

Separation is a fundamental operation of cell culture systems. Clarifying media and recycling cells for perfusion bioreactors, harvesting cells, classifying and washing cells are operations that are improved by the use of the unique technology delivered by the CARR Centritech LAB III Separation System from Pneumatic Scale Angelus.

Mammalian and insect cells are especially fragile and susceptible to shear forces. The LAB III System provides a low-shear technology to improve the yield in perfusion, harvesting or other cell processing applications. Unlike filtration systems which inherently clog or foul, the LAB III System provides reproducible, steady state operation.

The LAB III offers the following advantages:

  • Single-use and rapid changeover
  • Gentle separation of mammalian and insect cells
  • Drive train structure eliminates seals and minimizes vibration
  • Efficient cooling eliminates thermal impact on cell processing
  • Bleed function for improved perfusion processing
  • User-friendly and convenient, low maintenance requirements
  • Full networking capability for effective data communication
  • Reduced validation procedures
  • Automated continuous separation
  • High cell viability
  • Single-use separation insert
  • No rotating seals
  • No cleaning or sterilization required
  • Easy process scale-up
  • PLC with color touch screen
  • Simple and reproducible operation
  • Separation and removal of dead cells
  • Flow rates ranging from 0.5 to 10.8 liters per hour
  • Variable g force up to 253 x g