CARR® Centritech Separation Systems: CARR Centritech Cell 8

The Next Generation in Bioprocessing

Pneumatic Scale Angelus’ next generation CELL 8 Separation System utilizes a gamma irradiated, single-use insert to create a gentle, continuous flow centrifuge for mammalian and insect cell processing.  The CELL 8 continues our leading capacity to concentrate cells and clarify media and perfusion.

Cells are pumped peristaltically from the bioreactor into the CELL 8TM Insert, where the centrifuge process gently separates viable cells, dead cells, cell debris, or clarified liquid.  During perfusion, live cells can be recycled automatically into the bioreactor, resulting in increased cell density and product yield.

Separation occurs entirely within a gamma-irradiated, single-use separation insert and tubing system, referred to as a Separation Insert.  The Separation Insert allows for a single-use, closed-system process, eliminating the potential for contamination and product leakage, as well as a rapid changeover.  A three-step process of separation, isolation, and discharge controls the sedimentation rate of the cells as well as the flow rate and direction of the fluid streams entering and leaving the separation chamber.  An inflatable barrier segregates the cell-rich material from the supernatant, ensuring a complete discharge of cells during each cycle.

The CELL 8 offers the following advantages:

  • Single-use and rapid changeover
  • Gentle separation of mammalian and insect cells
  • Drive train structure eliminates seals and minimizes vibration
  • Efficient cooling eliminates thermal impact on cell processing
  • Bleed function for improved perfusion processing
  • User-friendly and convenient, low maintenance requirements
  • Full networking capability for effective data communication
  • Reduced validation procedures
  • Automated continuous separation
  • High cell viability and cell recovery rates
  • Single-use separation insert
  • Low shear processing
  • Compact, integrated footprint
  • Simple and reproducible operation
  • PLC with color touch screen control panel
  • Password-protected user levels
  • Remote monitoring/operation via Ethernet option
  • Flow rates ranging from 6 to 120 liters per hour
  • Variable g force up to 320 x g