Pneumatic Scale Angelus is an established leader in filling line equipment for a variety of markets and applications.  Our filling machines are known for their high-quality construction that ensures high-efficiency operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

The Right Filling Line Equipment for Your Production Needs

We have a liquid or dry filling machine for almost any application. From sauces and condiments to spices to craft beverages and juice, we have inline and rotary solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of products and markets.

PSA's dry filling machines include semi-automatic and automatic options for:

  • Free-flowing powders and granules (e.g., spices, infant formula, detergents)
  • Non-free-flowing powders (e.g., cake mixes, ground spices)
  • Creams, pastes and slurries (e.g., cosmetic creams, peanut butter, spackling paste)

We also specialize in precision liquid filling machines for a wide variety of applications from edible oils and drinkable yogurt to hand sanitizer and motor oil. 

Our machines suit the needs of various applications across all markets we serve. This equipment is particularly useful for manufacturers in:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Household & Personal Care Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals

PSA's filling capabilities serve a wide range of product viscosities and consistencies, using either electronic or mechanical fillers that leverage technologies from Net Weigh to Volumetric to Flow Meter.

How Do PSA Filling Machines Work?

Every Pneumatic Scale Angelus filling machine boasts high accuracy and advanced control performance. All monitoring and adjustments to the filler can be achieved through a simple touch screen interface, allowing for easy recipe changes and machine setup. PLC control-based technology enables fault detection and diagnosis, and real time and historical data are readily accessible, providing machine-based OEE feedback.

Explore Our Filling Line Equipment Options

Browse our high-quality filling line equipment below. If you’re not sure what equipment is best for your filling requirements or simply have a question about individual product specifications, contact us today and we'll help you determine the best fit for your application.


Dry Product Filling Machines

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Electronic Liquid Filling Machines

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Mechanical Liquid Filling Machines

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Pneumaflow Front

Aftermarket Support Only (Filling Machines)

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