BW Packaging Systems Company

SC Cappers

Standard Features

  • Servo motor control for precise application torque set by recipe
  • Cap application diagnostics
  • Easy access to all Servo motors in the upper turret.
  • Minimal lubrication is required in upper turret
  • Will not scuff or deform lightweight plastic containers
  • Accommodates glass, metal, plastic, and fiberboard containers
  • Patented* chuck design
  • Reduces inertia effects
  • Sanitary, stainless steel design
  • Touch-screen operator interface
  • Color-coded cluster lube plate identifies lubrication schedule
  • Motorized turret height adjustment

Optional Features

  • Programmable turret height adjustment
  • Two-speed helix to run alternate stations
  • Knife plates for flanged neck bottles
  • Guard door diagnostics
  • Infeed bottle stop
  • Cap inspection / container rejection
  • Vacuum capping chuck capability
  • Fault and reject tracking

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