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Mateer Burt



PneumaticScaleAngelus Mateer has the most comprehensive selection of dry filling equipment for the pharmaceutical, personal care, household, food and beverage industries.  Mateer offers precise fills and faster production speeds while promoting simple maintenance.

Examples: baby powder/sugar/spices/flour


PSA offers the Burt Horizontal Roll-Through labeler.  A standard in the canning industry for more than 100 years.  Our labelers are exceptional for any roll-through application.  They offer speeds up to 800 cans per minute, along with the ability to replenish labels without stopping production.

Examples: paint cans/baby formula

History Timeline

1894 – The Burt Machine Company founded

1948 – G. Diehl Mateer Company founded

1969 – Berwind Corp purchase G.D. Mateer

1971 – G.D. Mateer purchases Bursa (CVF) from Milton Roy

1971 – Berwind purchases Burt Machine Co.

1973/74 – G.D. Mateer and Burt Machine unite operations in Wayne, PA forming Mateer-Burt Co.

1984 – Phila. First Group, and management purchases Mateer-Burt Co. We were renamed Mateer-Burt Inc.

1987 – GEI, United Kingdom purchases Mateer-Burt Inc.

2001 – GEI Int’l - Management regroups as GEI

2002 – Pneumatic Scale / Barry Wehmiller purchases Mateer-Burt assets.