Inline Volumetric

Pneumatic Scale Angelus' fully integrated inline filler/seamer machines allow our craft beverage customers to take charge of their own canning operations, with speeds suited to small batch production and frequent changeover.  Running at speeds of anywhere from 15 to 100 Cans Per Minute (CPM), our craft beverage canners allow you to meet your canning needs on your terms, with:

  • 6 to 12 inline filling heads
    • Individual filling heads utilizing precise Hinkle X2 flow meter technology with no moving parts
    • CO2 flushing systems to achieve low DO levels
    • Controlled fills for less wasted beer
    • Low DO levels so that beer stays fresh longer
  • Proven Angelus high-speed canning technology
    • Mechanically operated seamer, featuring 1st and 2nd operation seaming cams, dual levers and spring loaded lower lifter
    • Proven canning technology for superior seam quality and easy changeover when running different materials and/or can sizes
  • High levels of hygiene
    • All direct product contact parts are either 316L Stainless Steel or hygienic grade materials, allowing for CIP (Clean-In-Place) up to 180 degrees including caustic
  • Quality machine controls
    • Allen-Bradley components, including the processor (PLC), motor drives (VFD), and an intuitive operator interface (HMI)

CB50 Integrated Filler and Seamer

CB50 Integrated Filler and Seamer

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CB100 Integrated Filler and Seamer

CB100 Integrated Filler and Seamer

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