Burt Horizontal Roll-Through Can Labeling Machine: Models 408 and 704

A standard for can labeling machines for more than 100 years, the Burt horizontal roll-through labeler's rugged durability withstands the rigors of daily production, while delivering precise application. Three types of conveying ensure positive control of tin, aluminum, composite, glass, or plastic containers.

Reliable Labeling for Round Containers

Burt labelers can apply full-wrap labels to cylindrical containers of virtually any material, at speeds of up to 800 CPM. A variety of conveying mechanisms and adjustable belt tighteners ensure positive container control. Additionally, this machine can apply a broad range of labeling materials, including papers, foils, plastics and laminates, for maximum flexibility.

Precise, Clean Application

The Burt can labeling machine promotes excellent label control by employing a unique hydraulic feed system, which smoothly and accurately positions labels. An optional second feed allows label loading while running. Also, Burt labelers offer positive label pickup, without glue slinging, for a clean appearance.

Quick Changeover

Changeovers are quick and easy, performed with a single wrench, and can be completed in 15 minutes.

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The Burt labeler was made to label a wide variety of cans in various materials. The machine is durable, reliable, and an industry standard. Why choose any other labeler to get the job done?

If you’re unsure whether the Burt Horizontal Roll Through Labeler is the can labeling machine for you, contact us today. Our dedicated sales staff can answer any question you may have.

  • Three types of conveying ensure positive control of tin, aluminum, composite, glass, or plastic containers
  • A hot melt glue pot controlled by a digital thermostat ensures correct glue temperature before allowing machine operation
  • A maintenance-free hydraulic pump and manifold applies labels smoothly and accurately
  • Dual flat belt conveyor for metal cans; dual V-belt container for glass and plastic containers; single V-belt container for aerosols
Attribute Burt 408 Burt 704
Speed Up to 800 CPM Up to 800 CPM

Container Diameter


45-114 mm


45-184 mm

Container Height


40-267 mm


40-267 mm

Label Length


117-381 mm


117-610 mm

Label Width


38-235 mm


38-235 mm

Label Feed



Glue Application

Direct contact wheel or quick adjust finger for indented glass

Paste Application

Automatic no container/no paste with adjustable pattern

Drive Systems

.5 HP TEFC motor with an adjustable sheave drives the main belts, glue pot, paste application belt and label feed