Hema Canfill Inline Filler

The Hema Canfill linear volumetric filling machine is flexible, precise, and perfectly adapted to the challenges of filling with complex products, including fish or meat pate, corned beef, luncheon meat, raw meat or meat in sauce, and pre-prepared foods. The filler can handle a wide variety of textures, including thick or pasty, homogenous or with pieces (measuring up to 60x40x40 mm), and can fill metal, glass, or plastic containers.

This Canfill filling machine achieves a high level of precision through the use of pistons, mechanically controlled by synchronized cams. Operating at optimal efficiency, this filler achieves an output level of around 98%.

  • Accurate filling and cleanliness
    The design of our filling valve guarantees optimal filling accuracy. This filler can be equipped with a filling cornet with ball and annular cutting knife for hard pates or pates with pieces, for optimal product filling cleanliness.
  • Robustness and accessibility
    The equipment is robust and offers lasting performance. All mechanical parts are maintained in an oil tank, which improves the life of the machine and means that no further lubrication is necessary. Safety guards with sliding doors (1 filler head) enable easy access and cleaning. A walkway provides access to the product-feeding hopper for maintenance or cleaning.
  • Production flexibility
    The Canfill filler is easy to use and requires minimal adjustments to set up. Adjustment to the height of the frame and the filling volume is motorized. Production is managed from a tactile operating panel and different parameters are pre-programmed, depending on the recipes being filled.



Number of Filling Heads

1 or 2




100 to 2000 ml


30 to 400 CPM (1800 to 24,000 CPH)