CARR® Centritech Separation Systems: CARR Centritech Cell II

The CARR Centritech Cell II Separation System from Pneumatic Scale Angelus is a continuous flow centrifuge for mammalian and insect cell processing. It is designed to concentrate cells and clarify media for purposes such as cell harvesting, cell recycling in perfusion systems and cell washing (separating live cells from dead cells and debris).

Like the smaller bench top model, the Lab III, the Cell II system uses a gentle separation process. Fluid from a bioreactor is pumped peristaltically into the Cell II System, which gently separates viable cells, dead cells, cell debris and clarified liquid. In a perfusion system, live cells can then be recycled automatically back into the bioreactor, resulting in increased biomass density and product yield. The separation takes place in a pre-sterilized, disposable bladder known as a separation insert. The separation insert (and attached tubing) is the only part of the system that comes in contact with the cell culture. Typical applications include harvesting cells for viral vaccine manufacturing, cellular therapy, perfusion for monoclonal antibody production and media exchange. The separation insert enables closed-system processing, reducing the chance for contamination of the culture and leakage of potentially harmful products.

Using a three-step process of separation, isolation and discharge, the Cell II system controls the sedimentation rate of the cells, as well as the flow rate and flow direction of the fluid streams entering and leaving the separation chamber. An inflatable barrier segregates the cell-rich material from the supernatant, ensuring a complete discharge of cells during each cycle.

  • Automated continuous separation
  • High cell viability
  • Single-use separation insert
  • No rotating seals
  • No cleaning or sterilization required
  • Simple and reproducible operation
  • Reduced validation procedures
  • Separation and removal of dead cells
  • PLC with color touch screen control panel
  • Password-protected user levels
  • Flow rates ranging from 6 to 120 liters per hour
  • Variable g force up to 320 x g
  • Noise level 68.4 dBA
  • Five modes of operation: Manual, Pump, Intermittent Pump, Valve, and Feed