Pneumatic Scale Angelus is an established leader in capping machines for ""marketing-style caps"" for the personal care, food, beverage, and chemical industries. Our capping machines have a compact footprint, with stainless steel barrier guarding and interlocking access doors.  They are available in standalone, freestanding turret, or monoblock configurations.

Capping Machines From PSA

Our bottling and capping machines are known for their high-quality, rugged construction that ensures high-efficiency operation with minimal maintenance requirements.  Leading the charge among capping machine manufacturers, our equipment is versatile enough to accommodate glass, plastic, metal, or fiberboard containers with metal or plastic closures.  Additionally, we cover the full range of screw caps, pump caps, press-on caps, plugs, inner seals, and overcaps.  Our unique cap tracking pickup features ensure precise positioning in the application of square and rectangular closures.

We offer both mechanical and servo rotary cappers, as well as providing aftermarket support for several lines as rebuilt or pre-owned machines. 

Talk to one of our capping experts today to determine which machine will work best for your container and your application.

Mechanical Rotary Capping Machines

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Mallinckrodt SC

Servo Rotary Capping Machines

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Aftermarket Support Only (Capping Machines)

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