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Zepf Container Handling Solutions


Zepf container handling solutions provide our customers with a reliable, durable and versatile solution. Our container handling systems are adaptive to all rotary equipment and are currently being used throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and household chemical industries.

  • Zepf’s revolutionary MARK II change parts system, feedscrews, and servo technology satisfy the quick, no-tool changeover demands of the packaging industry
  • Our change parts can be designed for any bottle, even for ones that are difficult to handle and awkwardly shaped
  • The Zepf custom-developed software package allows us to create a wide range of sophisticated feedscrews
  • Additional solutions include gripper belt assemblies, quick-change corner guide rails and change part carts


Superior feedscrew design software can handle advanced complexities including container positions, pitch requirements, container orientations and pocket geometry changes.

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Mark II

PneumaticScaleAngelus is dedicated to offering complete engineering, manufacturing, and support services using cutting edge technology for container handling systems.  We have named our combined upgraded technology the "MARK II" Zepf Change Part System.