BW Packaging Systems Company

RDS Rotary Double Seamers

Standard Features

  • The 2000 RDS Series is made up of two basic units:
    • 2003 RDS, for speeds up to 300 CPM on cans ranging in diameter from 211 through 701.
    • 2006 RDS, for speeds up to 600 CPM on cans ranging in diameter from 202 through 404.
  • Individual 1st and 2nd operation seaming roll shanks allow a full range of can sizes without the need for lever replacement
  • Controlled can and cover assembly
  • Quick change of seaming spindle speed alternatives
  • Easy adjustment of can holding chuck springs assures positive spring deflection and hook forming pressure during seaming

Additional Features

  • 180˚ can in-feed/discharge for easy line layout
  • “Lifetime” cams made out of hardened tool steel
  • Power driven can holding chucks (lifters)
  • Unit elevation is easily changed by loosening five clamp screws and turning a crank.  Power elevation is also available
  • Handwheel conveniently located above the first operation door
  • Hinged stainless steel guards, fitted with safety interlocks
  • Machine controls are simplified through the use of a PLC and touch screen operator controls mounted in a free standing pedestal
  • Metric design meets worldwide guidelines for machine building