BW Packaging Systems Company

62H Seamer

Standard Features

  • Rated Speed up to 700CPM
  • 6 Spindle Seaming Stations
  • One set of can and end Change Parts
  • Driven Lower Lifter Oil Pump System
  • Automatic Oil Lubrication Recirculating and Filtration System
  • PLC & Touch Screen Control
  • Base Mounted Stainless Steel Machine Enclosure with Door Interlocks
  • Automatic Stop Control System
  • External Warning Safety Horn & Light

Optional Features

  • Under Cover Gassing
  • Can Manufacturing
  • Titanium Nitride coated Angelloy® Seaming rolls with Ceramic Bearings
  • Quick Set Seaming Cam
  • Double Seam Tightness Monitoring (DSTM)
  • Filler Connecting Parts
  • Cover Feed Chute with Vibrator
  • Nickel Plated Machine
  • Hot Water Automatic Seamer Washdown
  • Recipe Motorized turret height elevating mechanism