BW Packaging Systems Company

Rotary Piston Fillers

(Rebuiild and Pre-Owned Only)

Standard Features

  • Proven method of volumetric filling
  • Rapid, easy, no-tool size changes
  • Fills a wide range of product viscosities
  • Simple to maintain
  • Sanitary design construction
  • Corrosion resistant exterior finish
  • Handles a large volume range
  • Filling accuracy to +/- .05 fluid oz. depending on volume and product characteristics
  • All product contact parts 316 stainless steel or FDA compliant polymer
  • Filler bowl sloped for easy drainage
  • S.S. frame barrier guard with Lexan doors. CAT3
  • Clean design stainless steel conveyor construction
  • No tool removal of pistons and valve plugs

Optional Features

  • Volume control by motorized filling cam
  • Product level control
  • Complete flush in place system including spray ball and spray bars
  • Individual piston adjustment
  • Motorized bowl height adjustment
  • S.S. bowl covers
  • Bottom up fill system
  • Tank agitation
  • Counterclockwise rotation
  • Explosion proof electrics
  • Common base hook-up to Seamer

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