BW Packaging Systems Company

Liquid Net Weigh Filler

Standard Features

  • Sanitary filling environment
  • Automatically tare and record containers for accurate fill weights
  • Dramatically reduced product giveaway
  • User-friendly touch-screen operator interface
  • No-container/no-fill feature
  • Rapid, easy, no-tool changeover
  • Patented manifold design contributes to self-draining product supply system and facilitates CIP/ washdown
  • Weight/production data continuously monitored and supplied
  • Pressurized product supply tank with precise level regulation
  •  Laminar flow filling valves for gentle product control

Optional Features

  •  3A Certification
  • Automatic Reject device with supplementary conveyor   
  • Complete CIP system
  • Product recirculation   
  • Counterclockwise rotation
  • Temperature probe and alarm 
  •  Automatic Lubrication system

Machine Specifications