BW Packaging Systems Company

Dry Net Weigh Fillers

Standard Features

  • Gentle net weight fill control
  • Rapid, easy, no-tools size changes
  • Corrosion resistant exterior finish
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Continuously monitors and supplies both weight and production data
  • Automatic target weight adjustment
  • Smart load cells
  • All product contact parts of 316 stainless steel or FDA approved materials
  • Stainless steel barrier guarding with electrically interlocked lexan access doors available.  CAT 3
  • Load cell vibration compensation
  • Handle non-round containers
  • Load cell and platform assembly with quick change plug-in feature

Optional Features

  • Volume override system.
  • Automatic reject device with supplementary conveyor.
  • Motorized neck guide cam height adjustment.
  • Line fault monitoring.
  • Dust control manifold.
  • Settling vibrators.
  • Injection of inert gas for product preservation.
  • Hopper level controls.
  • Automatic lincoln lubrication system.
  • Counterclockwise rotation.
  • Empty-in-place system.
  • Automatic selective reject for  Q.C. sampling.
  • Many additional features are available to meet specific application requirements.
  • For specific applications, pneumatic scale will conduct and demonstrate fill tests in our technical center.

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