BW Packaging Systems Company

Consolidated Cappers 

(Rebuild and Pre-Owned Only)

Standard Features

  • High quality rugged construction assures high efficiency operation with minimal maintenance
  • Accommodates glass, plastic, metal, or fiberboard containers with metal or plastic closures
  • Accommodates a wide variety of screw caps in addition to presson caps, plugs, inner seals, and overcaps
  • Unique cap tracking pick-up features assure precise positioning and application of square and rectangular closures
  • The unique TorkOpen II Chuck replaces friction clutches and magnets. TorkOpen II operates with a cocked spring and torque-sensitive trigger. Jaws release cap when pre-set torque is attained giving highly accurate and repeatable application torque with minimal maintenance.

Additional Features

  • Machine-mounted NEMA 4X electrics with remotely located NEMA 4 control cabinet
  • No-tool/quick-change handling parts are quickly interchangeable to adapt for various cap and container sizes
  • Uniform size and speed of turret and starwheels assures gentle container handling throughout
  • Single-position synchro-clutch with disengage device on main drive
  • Can be fed from a variety of consolidated sorters
  • 304 stainless steel wear parts
  • Adjustable turret to accommodate different bottle heights
  • Turret safety guarding with interlocks

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