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Chuck and Rolls

Chuck and Rolls

Chuck and RollsAll of our Chuck and Rolls are manufactured proudly in Ohio, USA.  With over 100 years of combined experience of manufacturing internally, we guarantee quality with all of our seamer tooling.  Our Chuck and Rolls are engineered to OEM standards in partnership with all major Can and End supplier’s current specifications.  We exclusively use the proprietary Angelloy® material for all seaming chucks with a wide range of special coating and finish treatments per application.  In addition, we offer full engineering and manufacturing technical support services for the benefit of each customer installation.

Advantages of our Seaming Tooling-

  • Fewer seam adjustments to compensate for wear in bearings or profiles
  • Fewer stops to lubricate the rolls
  • Increased number of cans closed
  • Reduced time spent on seamer tooling changes
  • More consistent double seam quality
  • Standardization of seamer tooling and double seam specifications

Chuck and Roll manufacturing is performed by dedicated team members who carefully conduct multiple inspections throughout the whole process.  Documented design and build specifications are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.  Assembly is completed in a controlled environment checking that all confirmed total runout for roll grooves and end play meet or exceed expectations.

PneumaticScaleAngelus provides the highest quality of seaming tooling and offers a variety of options to meet your business application including-

  • Contract tooling packages by volume
  • Seaming rolls and chucks for any type of seamer including non-OEM equipment
  • Sealed for life Seaming Roll Assembly

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Angelloy Material chart
Our Parma, Italy facility is equipped for additional manufacturing of our chuck and rolls.  This facility is ideally located to serve our European OEM customers as well as traditional Angelus end users.