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Wet Case Detector


Detects wet bottom cases that result from leaking or broken bottles within the case.  Wet cases are detected and rejected before reaching the palletizer and causing damage to other cases on the skid.  The Wet Case Detector is a quality control unit that increases line productivity and reduces customer complaints.  A series of spring-loaded probes positioned between the rollers on the case conveyor measure conductivity of all cases on the line. When the probes come into contact with a wet case, they detect increased conductivity and send a signal to the controls. The probe assembly is easily bolted to the under side of the existing conveyor.

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Industries Served

  • Beer
  • Wine and Spirits


  • HMI Controlled - ensitivity of the conductivity sensor is fully adjustable to suit the case and product
  • Standard Sensor Bar is 16 in. but can be factory configured to accomodate 22 in. conveyors
  • Light Beacon
  • Audio Alarm Tone
  • 8 standard inputs, upgradeable to 64
  • 8 standard outputs, upgradeable to 64
  • Sturdy stainless steel enclosure - 14 ga

Additional Features

  • Rejection Arm - automatically removes damaged cases from the line 
  • Master Control Interface - can be programmed to stop the conveyor when when wet cases are detected 
  • Performance tracking and reporting - allows your to track and record the line performance data
  • Ability to integrate with other End-of-Line QUality Management equipment (check weigher, loose flap and missing/misplaced label, and missing bottle detection)

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