BW Packaging Systems Company



The Consolidated capper line utilizes the proven mechanical TorkOpen II chucks for accurate torque control. High quality, rugged contruction and the ability to handle a wide variety of screw caps in addition to press on caps, plugs and overcaps are the benefits of this line of cappers.  The Consolidated Capper is capable of speeds of up to 300 containers per minute and accommodates caps up to 120 mm in diameter. Pneumatic Scale’s exclusive TorkOpen II chuck is standard.  Accommodates glass, plastic, metal, or fiberboard containers with metal or plastic closures.

Available pre-owned only.



Consolidated Packaging originated in the 1920's by 3 engineers, Powell, Moser and Colin, in Chicago, IL.  They developed a rotary head capper to apply caps to a stationary bottle.  Wanting to establish their machinery with unique identity they choose the letters of their last name and by adding the letters "a" and "e" arrived at the name CaPeM.  This name is still well known today as a "CaPeM Capper."

In the 1930's, they moved their operation to Buffalo, New York and changed the name to Consolidated Packaging Machinery.  As their reputation grew they expanded the product line and included a Rotary Capper.  In 1962, they introduced the "TG" model capper at the Packaging Expo in Chicago, IL.

International Paper then acquired Consolidated Packaging Machinery to be then bought by Figgie Packaging in 1972.  Located on the west of Buffalo, they began to outgrow that location and moved to Alden, NY.  In 1980, they acquired Pfaudler Filler.  By March 1995, Barry Wehmiller acquired Figge Packaging including Consolidated Packaging Machinery and Pfaudler and relocated business in Akron, Ohio under PneumaticScaleAngelus.