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Field Services


PneumaticScaleAngelus' Field Service team supports all machines manufactured since our inception in 1895. OEM parts and experienced Field Service Engineers are very important in maintaining the integrity and investment in your machinery. Factory-trained technicians available for machine installation, emergency service, trouble shooting and regular maintenance.

Tiered Services (PM Programs)

The Seamer Technical Services Group offers a variety of tiered services depending on your individual needs, and encompasses all aspects of your seaming process:

  • LEVEL I: Annual comprehensive audits that include recommended corrective action
  • LEVEL II: Semi-annual abbreviated audits with focus on critical areas
  • LEVEL III: Quarterly tune-up visit with focus on normal machine wear and seam quality
  • LEVEL IV: 4 to 6 week routine visit that targets seam analysis and corrective adjustments

The listed service levels can be utilized alone or coupled together, allowing it to be structured to your facilities' specific needs or budget.

Seamer Technical Servies


Rebuild Exchange Program

We now offer a Rebuild Exchange Program for your seamer subassemblies, including seaming spindles, upper and lower lifters, and filler drive gear boxes, if equipped.

What are the advantages of our Rebuild Exchange Program?

  • New or reworked spindles, lifters and filler drives assembled and ready for installation
  • Assistance of PneumaticScaleAngelus certified service technicians
  • Greatly reduced downtime and higher quality rebuilds utilizing OEM standards
  • All-inclusive subassemblies with hardware and parts common to job being performed
  • Full credit for new and unused parts
  Rebuild Exchange Program 


Field Service Kits

We can also provide service kits that include all necessary new parts required for the rebuild of subassemblies in your facility.  Each kit is shipped in a self-contained job box for your convenience, and any new, unused parts can be returned for full credit.

Tooling Preventative Maintenance Program

Designed for the replacement of seaming chucks and seaming rolls at a predetermined time or can count interval.  This service ensues critical tooling setups are confirmed for the best possible life of these components.

Maintenance Training

Critical seamer maintenance training performed onsite for your maintenance technicians.  The training is paramount in assuring a comprehensive understanding of the seamer and critical operation and components related to finished product.

 Customer Technical Services

The CTS Team is an extension of our traditional Field Service Team, with specific focus on planned maintenance and audit services.

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